Report it Right

Report it Right for your chance to be published in your local Leader newspaper Are you a budding journalist interested in kick-starting your career? The Report it Right and WIN! competition gives one lucky winner a chance to be published in their local Leader… Continue Reading

From Intern to Journo

Akesha Reid is an editorial assistant at Black Hair Magazine and Hair Magazine in the UK and writes regularly on LoveLifeLoveStyle, her personal blog. Today on My Interning Life, the 21-year-old shares her advice on making it in the world of glossy mags. Other than… Continue Reading

Editorial Internship at The Conversation

The Conversation’s editorial internship program gives interns from member universities the opportunity to gain practical experience and actively contribute to our global newsroom. This article originally appeared on The Conversation’s job board The Basics  Interns will spend most of their time researching story leads;… Continue Reading

University students’ best kept secret

Simultaneously studying for a degree and working for a living is detrimental to students’ health, writes Sherydan Fitzgerald. This article originally appeared on What could possibly be so difficult about going to class for 12 hours a week? Well, plenty, with one fifth of… Continue Reading

ABC Journalism Graduate Cadetships

An ABC News cadetship is one of the most sought-after paths to a career in journalism in Australia. Each year we offer up to eight cadetships to graduates, with opportunities available in every State and Territory. Over the full year of the cadetships, we… Continue Reading