Impress your next employer with your knowledge of Mobile

Whether you’re in advertising, public relations or marketing – you cannot escape technology. Having a good grasp of web design, media production and digital knowledge such as SEO and CMS is becoming essential to warranting a job in the marketing and communications space. This… Continue Reading

Making it as a Director with David Ward

Don’t call David Ward an auteur. It wouldn’t be precocious to herald this talented up and coming 24-year-old Melbourne director with such a title yet still we must steer clear. Ward sagely doesn’t allow his ego to indulge in the belief but the more… Continue Reading

My Interning Life: Jesse Failla

By Jesse Failla In my final year as a post graduate communications student it came to the point where it was time to really put myself out there to give myself the best chance of landing my dream job in the sport media and… Continue Reading

The Positives and Pratfalls of Native Advertising

By Melissa Kuttan You might have heard the term “native advertising” bandied about more and more recently. On first hearing the jargon, I thought of localised advertising: advertising that adheres to local forms and customs geographically speaking. That’s not quite right but we’re not… Continue Reading

Jarni Blakkarly: How to Kill It at Journalism At Only 20

By Melissa Kuttan A keen creative writer as a child, ambitious emerging young journalist Jarni Blakkarly reflects that it was also his mother and her passion for politics that brought him into the furor of Australian and international journalism. “My mother has always been… Continue Reading